Zemmix Neo

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MSX2+ compatible FPGA system
The Zemmix Neo is a computer originally created by a team in Korea. The system is based on the design of the One Chip MSX, with the addition of a scanline generator.


S-Video mini-DINRCA/CINCH, Composite Video connectorRCA/CINCH, Stereo Audio connectors, VGA output, PS/2 keyboard, 2 ports general connectors (joysticks, mouse, paddle controllers, ...) 2 cartridge , SD card slot.
2048/4096 KB RAM ,mapperSCC+, soundFM, soundVGA outputRGB, composite and S-Video output, PS/2 keyboard connector, Two turbo speeds (5.37Mhz and 8.06Mhz), SD card slot, Cassette tape input.

Incluye fuente de alimentación.

PSU included.

En la tienda puede añadir opciones como el cable RGB.

You can choose options in store as RGB cable.

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