SiDi metal (64mb)

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FPGA Cyclone IV and MIST compatible firmware, is a new FPGA with the power and MIST catalog at an awesome price.


SDRAM 64mb !!!


4x USB Ports for keyboard, gamepads, mouse.

MicroSD socket.

RGB and VGA video output.

microUSB or DC plug 5.5mm X 2.1mm

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Available cores:

Amiga AGA

Atari ST

Mistery (Atari STe)

Acorn Archimedes

ZX Spectrum

Amstrad CPC



Super Nintendo


Jotego arcades

And more...

All cores in only 1 SD, the system is multicore, you can share the same SD to have several selectable cores with a start menu.

Metal case include.

MicroSD 32Gb include.

SiDi need a PSU 5V/2A with microusb or 2.1x5.5mm plug.

You can buy as options PSU 5V or DIN9 SCART cable.

SiDi necesita una fuente de alimentación de 5V/2A con conector microUSB o 2.1x5.5mm si no tienes una fuente disponible puedes adquirirla en esta misma tienda.