Mister FPGA analog 128mb

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  • Altera Cyclone V SE FPGA with 110,000LE (41,500ALM) and 5,570Kbit of Block RAM.
  • ARM Cortex A9 dual-core CPU at 800MHz.
  • HDMI video and audio.
  • DDR3 1GB.
  • Linux on ARM provides support for many I/O devices and file systems.
  • 128Mb SDRAM memory.
  • VGA output.
  • Audio input from ADCin DE10-nano.
  • Optical audio output.
  • PSU included 5V/2A (US plug and EU adapter).

Include Terasic DE10-nano, 7 ports USB hub, IO board 6.1, SDRAM 128mb V3.0, microSD 128Gb ready to use, acrylic black matte case and PSU.