Mister FPGA 128mb

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MiSTer is a port of well known MiST project to a larger FPGA and faster ARM. MiSTer provides modern video output through HDMI (VGA and analog audio are still available on daughter board). It's based on Terasic DE10-nano board. Here are some improvement over the MiST board:

  • Altera Cyclone V SE FPGA with 110,000LE (41,500ALM) and 5,570Kbit of Block RAM.
  • ARM Cortex A9 dual-core CPU at 800MHz.
  • HDMI video and audio allowing connect to any modern monitor/TV.
  • DDR3 1GB available for both ARM and FPGA.
  • High speed ARM<->FPGA interconnect due to both are in the same chip.
  • Linux on ARM provides support for many I/O devices and file systems.
  • 128Mb SDRAM memory.
  • VGA output.
  • Audio input from ADCin DE10-nano.
  • No USB hub cable, direct connection from 90º connector.

Include Terasic DE10-nano, 7 ports USB hub, IO board 6.1, SDRAM 128mb V2.9, microSD 32Gb ready to use, acrylic case and PSU.

No se hacen envíos fuera del territorio de la Unión Europea de la placa DE10-nano.

The DE10-nano board is not shipped outside the territory of the European Union.